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I invite you to a cosmic j0ke :D


A boutique experience, involving magical individuals and an intravenous transfusion of color palettes into one’s consciousness. Acupuncture for your I-magi-nation and alchemy for the stomach, with a pinch of shamanism to induce coherence of perception! Deeply moving and provocative; pacifying and liberating; relaxing yet exciting – an Event full of paradoxes and initiations! Deep in the enchanting forest of the Rhodopi Mountains, in a desolated and bewitched village, where time is hardly a factor and specters roam untroubled in the narrow streets... A place without Wi-Fi coverage, where I guarantee you’ll find a better connection ;)

I, H. am no longer a genie in a bottle and I venture out in the dark amongst people J, acting as a sponsor though, not a speaker. As you well know, I seldom trouble myself with courses, mainly because this area has been immensely trivialized and commercialized, but also because the content is often nothing but a septic tank. However, there are pieces of gold to be found among the muddy lumps, which are not only specific and of great quality, but also because they are truly practical, useful and deserve to be brought to light. On such rare occasions, I am thrilled to act as a conductor and tribune to facilitate the expression of such unique energy. You might be familiar with such moments, times when you recognize a part of yourself and just dive into the adventure, knowing it is right on a deeper level. That is the reason behind my decision to make these series of events happening.

You, who know my site’s vibration along with my personal work and choose to turn to it on a regular basis, will find that the cosmic j0ke I am talking about, is a natural step in its evolution. These seminars are exemplary for Parallel Reality's idiosyncratic vibration, which reaches the vast depths of the human psyche and is bullshit & sugar-coating free.

Of course, most likely, this seminar isn’t meant for you… unless it really is :) … reading all the details below might give you an indication...


A year ago, following my own Flow, I came across Andro – a shaman who is currently living in Germany. I got interested in the services he provides because they are prominently non-ritualistic, deprived of ceremonialism and any use of psychoactive substances. As you already know, my filter for information is extremely specific, precise and fine. It didn’t take me long to see that Andro really knows and masters what he does and has no second thoughts about the process that his client embarks on. I find this to be a rare combination, especially since nowadays there are too many dark shamans who seek hosts to cling to with false promises, resulting in energy manipulations.

Not long after that, I decided to take a Shamanic Journey with him, to find those traumas of mine that are so deep that I cannot find on my own. Although I have high standards and expectations for such matters because of my own abilities and experiences, I was more than pleased with the end result and my life’s development after the Journey. I immediately told all my friends, and since then many of them underwent their own Shamanic Journeys with Andro, including members of my family. Until now, there have been no dissatisfactory cases, and evident changes started to emerge in each person’s life, which could only be labeled as “random” if one chose to walk with a bucket on his head... :)

While translating the Journeys for my non-English speaking friends, I had the chance to get to know Andro as a person. In addition to his prominent psychic abilities, he is very direct, penetrating and neutral. He’s also very careful and does not hurry to ‘wrap things up’ with you. As a writer, I can strongly relate to his sense of humor, which makes him a great storyteller and, on top of everything, he has been deeply involved in music production, he often sings along in his seminars and invites you to a metaphorical, neutral flirt with life – elements which will help raise your mood level. This allows him to heal just by telling the stories he has. The most important thing is that Andro is not the typical ‘spiritual’ person, just as I don’t fit into that cliché, and that has significantly eased the communication between us. He passed my filters several times since then, in multiple directions, which makes him worthy to present in front of an audience.


The idea of mutual work was conceived when, at a certain point, it became clear to me that many of our concepts and discoveries are practically identical, and differences were mainly in the terminology we used. This was astonishing at first, since, as you know, I am extremely specific in my understanding of reality and hearing the same ideas from a Western person who also adds a significant depth to their outlook, gave me a strange sensation. As you may well know, Western people are usually brainwashed, which makes his case even more unique.

Now, looking back at the signs, I can say it was meant for us to work together. At some point it became apparent to a comical degree, when I saw that the alternative logo of Andro’s company, is an “H” inscribed in a “dot” :)




And as all real things tend to happen, the thrilling idea of a common project popped up spontaneously. At present, the collaboration of both energies will manifest in the form of practical seminars and Shamanic Journeys, which Andro is going to conduct for almost a whole month in Bulgaria. I myself am going to be present at all time and will go through the courses together with all those who find this an interesting and wanted experience. Before I go deeper into the information about the seminars, let me acquaint you with the occult CV of my honored guest.


2About Andro


As you can see in the picture, his face is not easy to decode and the hint of a smile carries a mystery reminiscent of that of the Mona Lisa – you can never tell what is happening on the inside. You look at it, and you don’t know what to think of it – do I like it or not? Is it weird, or is it charming weird? I am drawn to that rare breed of people, who cannot be easily determined. Usually they have the right amount of acceptance and a quiet presence of power.

As far as I know, over time, Andro has developed and refined a unique set of skills that make up his shamanic amplòa. He has followed his inner calling for Liberation at each crossroad in his life, which resulted in the removal of many of the artificial layers we all create along our transition through this earthly illusion. When you meet an individual who so truly follows their prime calling, it will inevitably result in a natural and spontaneous healing effect on you.

In this sense, I can call that man a shaman utilizing the full meaning of that word, leaving out the feathers and the hype. He is the first person who has inherited real magic blood I have come across. I want to emphasize that this is not just somebody who has a diploma from a shaman course in an Indian sanctuary somewhere in Arizona, and feels ready to go on a world tour, based on that fact. He is a practicing shaman for more than 15 years and has a vast experience with many intense and weird cases.

Andro is of that rare breed of autodidacts that acquire their knowledge and skills through practice. For instance, he already had Gnostic outlook long before he heard what Gnosticism is, and had had Out-of-Body experiences long before he came to know who Robert Monroe is. His spiritual initiations began when he was 22, mainly in an out-of-body state. He’s gone through long years of initiations in different layers of the so-called “outer” realms, and as a result he started building his own understanding of the nature and mechanics of our world. When these experiences started to unfold in his youth he didn’t know a thing about shamanism, nor did he know anything even remotely related to subjects that nowadays are accessible to all. Andro, however, didn’t stop digging, and 16 years ago went to the Monroe Institute, at a time before it was fully taken over by the military structures that control it now. This experience contributed to the mix that he represents today.


There is more to say about that particular mix…


Another incredible fact about Andro is that he is a practicing alchemist, literally. His work in this field spans over two decades, during which he has read and decoded numerous alchemical scrolls, formed a laboratory in which actual experiments are conducted and collaborates with alchemists from Europe, the Americas and Australia, to this day. He is also a lecturer and an active participant in annual, closed alchemy conferences. The alchemical perspective is instrumental to his shamanic work, because it teaches how to avoid the trap of recipes. It allows Andro to have an individual approach to the ingredients that the respondent is made of. Thus, the effects a person thinks they suffer from, do not veil the real cause behind them. That is why alchemy will among the main topics of the longest of the upcoming seminars – because it is one of the metaphorical as well as practical tools for human Liberation from the dualistic code, without any religious or moral filters, which can get in the way of individual Liberation.


Now would be a good time to share with you that Andro does not belong to any occult teachings, dogmas, societies or structures. The knowledge and mixture of skills that he embodies, cannot be framed by anything deterministic. As time passes, he’s drifting further away from the traditional shamanic work, synthesizing a unique new approach that is not based on cycles and repetition. If you have to coin a definition for his work to feed your mind, it can be labeled as “Non-Ceremonial Hermetic Shamanism”. Its foundation is based on the premises that nothing can be taught to anybody and the best learning is achieved through unlearning. To me, Andro’s greatest quality is that he’s not somebody who landed in the comfortable seat of their own philosophy, because he unlearns himself the things that he is not. He would be the first to admit that he is a student too, and teaches others in order to learn as well :)


Every day of Andro’s life is dedicated to constantly digging inwards – how to liberate oneself from the conflicts, frictions, tension, duality, incompleteness, loneliness and fear that plague our being. Every single topic which he decides to study, like alchemy, altered states of consciousness, near-death experiences, out-of-body experiences, Gnosticism, Hermeticism, Shamanism and so on, gets incorporated into his personal flow, keeping the unique synthesis alive. Much like me, he filters unnecessary chaff off of the aforementioned disciplines and distills pure principles out of them, extracting their pure, bullshit-free quintessence. Later, that synthesis is applied in his own daily life and his healing practices.


During my communication with him, I have been fascinated by his ability to make connections which usually remain hidden to average individuals in the course of their day. This was a nice surprise for me, because usually it’s me who plays that role for people, and meeting somebody who does the same at a similar depth, was truly encouraging. Anrdo keeps track of what topics and words you use and notices your models and “knots”. All the time his eyes are semi-closed, slightly out of phase, which gives him access to deeper realms. Thus, the indirect connections he makes, gradually build up to explode directly on the spot. As a person whose job is to make connections, I can acknowledge this synchromystic skill of his.


The way Andro maneuvers in those realms is movie-like – it is a bit unreal to come across it in everyday life. Actually, the more you know him, the more you see he’s not a person who talks about these things only when he conducts a lecture – he is living them in each and every moment. This makes him a hacker of realities and dreams. What is truly fascinating about him, is his consistency and lack of even the slightest doubt in approaching reality. It’s the first time that I meet a person who thoroughly and constantly lives with the utter understanding that we inhabit a virtual reality, composed of a binary code. Even I, who had experienced this as a fact, cannot live this way each and every second. However, he does it and manage to remain stable… This in itself shows he has achieved balance in many aspects.


All those things allow him to see the ‘bigger picture’ and find solutions where someone else would see a dead-end. Andro chose to practice his skills in help of those who want to unlearn what they are not. He is able to maintain his inner tonus by constantly developing his personal philosophy and by sticking to simplicity, harmony and keeping Magic alive. His outlook is as much poetic as practical and he often chooses to sing it as a modern bard instead of structuring it by means of complex terminology. Liberation should not be just another idea that we take too seriously, because that adds a certain weight to it which gets in the way of the process, and turns it into yet another fixating anchor. That is why Andro often takes the role of the court jester, and has a twisted sense of humor much similar to my own, which I already know you like (it’s pointless to deny that…). I intend to encourage letting the cynic in him loose to the highest extent when he arrives in Bulgaria… And if I may quote him: “The fact that it’s funny and ridiculous doesn’t make it any less valuable.

Of course, Andro has a much richer personality than a few paragraphs’ resume can represent. One of the reasons he’s good at what he does is the fact that he adores himself. So, be tactful and respect his need to be right :) Although, as he himself likes to point out: “The beauty of things is that in order for me to be right. there’s no need for anyone else to be wrong,

For more information about him you can check his site: and if you need a more immediate sensation, take a look at his interview below, although he’s not usually that polite as he is in this video :)


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But fuck all that polished, American bullshit! :D


As you may well know, our national redneck realm is heavily drenched with western lecturers in suits and ties, that when something real pops up, one is immediately skeptical, sort of ‘the boy who cried wolf’ scenario…

So now that I have presented to you what gave birth to the seminars, it’s time for me to start boasting and tell you how special and different we are, LOL… 



The Seminars


As I said, New Age candy is not our specialty, so you can put the vomiting bag back in the closet – it’s safe now.

It’s been more than a decade that Andro has been directing a broad spectrum of courses, classes and symposiums in the fields of: Power of Perception, Psychic Abilities, Archetypal Memory, Shamanic Healing, Psychic Defense and Ecstatic Communion. So this ain’t gonna be his first rodeo. However, what we have prepared for the Bulgarian public is a program surpassing all this and has yet to be presented anywhere. You know I am a French boutique product and nothing less than a special attitude could satisfy me :)

Whatever! Here’s the essence now!


The Philosophy behind the Seminars


I briefly touched upon the concept of unlearning. I’d like to emphasize it further, to help you understand the main idea behind the courses, so that you can eschew any perceptive errors from the beginning.

According to Andro, a teacher can help others only by bringing out what they have suppressed and remember what they have forgotten – just as a real healer can only assist activating one’s internal self-healing mechanism. In fact, you can never be healed from outside. It is a shallow process with ephemeral results. The only way is to ‘unclog the channels’, which allows you to heal yourself. Walking one’s personal Path is encouraged.

That is why, at these courses, you will unlearn what you are not and will not be stuffed with regurgitated, dead information, which is usually just someone elses ideas. No recipes, no sequence of 10 steps for financial triumph, no angelic mentors and no sugar-coated love and light. We’re going to learn how to “remember” in way that is not based on our normal, everyday memory, rather on “knowingness”. Many of you have shared that when you read my stuff, things just ring a bell and fall into place. Ergo, there is a process of internal cognition, simmering like a beef stew.

That is why the Seminars cannot make any claims, and even if they did – the last of them is to be taken seriously. Not because they lack content, but because that content should not weigh and turn into more of what it already is.

The idea is for you to come and liberate yourselves from your own definitions, because if you don’t, there is no freedom. If you take things too seriously, you become enslaved by your belief systems, and they are the source of fanaticism, illness and conflict. We have the ability to recognize things that just ARE, but even then, we cannot take them seriously. Popular seminars rely on the fact that the masses seek instant-gratification recipes and shallow demonstrations of ‘miracles’. To me, it will be very interesting to communicate with people who follow their own Path, not people who seek cookie-cutter solutions. Having participants who are ready to experiment with their belief systems and are open to explore their deeper components, will be my ultimate prize. In communicating with others, I prefer being aware of how much they live in accordance with their ideas of interest and I like to provoke and push them in that direction. Having a sentimental conversation in the café about how interesting life on our planet is, is trivial… We are looking for people who would like to articulate and live out their passions.


As I said earlier, these Seminars are of a practical nature, and are based solely on experiences which have been empirically verified by other individuals. Everything in those courses is practical, if participants manage to carry it over into their lives. In parallel with the theoretical basis, there will be exercises in pairs, morning practices before the lectures themselves, night practices in OBE and other initiatory experiences that will develop spontaneously according to the flow of the courses and the dynamic of each particular group. This means that no preliminary plot for the events can exist, and consequently – no two courses will be the same. Pipeline products are not to this event’s liking.

One last thing related to the courses’ philosophy, is that Andro cannot give answers. This has such a special place in his consciousness, that he even does not call the post-lecture panel with question and answers “Q&A”. He insisted on me specifying in this resume, that it would be called a “Q&R” session. As he puts it: “I don’t have answers, I only have replies”. All that, is in the context of personally walking the path, and lack of recipes. A favorite quote of his is: “I prefer to have questions that are unanswerable than answers that are unquestionable”. Usually everything fits so well into place, that it sometimes becomes annoying J… As I already said – a boutique experience!

And now, things you’d really like to know :)


Content and Time Frame


The seminars will start on August 21st and end on the epic date of September 11th. Five courses are going to take place in this period, four of them will be 3 days long and one of them – 6 days long. Every course has a nominal maximum capacity of 16 participants.

Events will revolve around two main subjects – Shamanism and Alchemy – and none of them will be the thing you expect it to be. Discussion topics may look distant at first glance, but at the same time are very practical. You’ll find that there is no need to fly to the Amazon in order to understand the Ways of the Shaman, just as it is not required to be a chemist to walk the Path of the Alchemist.

The four short courses will be centered around the topic of “Shamanic Vision”, but they will not be entirely identical, because, as I already stated, they will have no preliminary plot. The long one is for hardcore miners only and will bear the name “Opus magnum: The Great Work of Liberation”. It is essentially an Alchemical seminar, which will go into the deepest details of the universal mechanics.

Dates for the two courses are as follows:


— Shamanic Vision

(August 21st-23rd / August 25th-27th / September 5th-7th / September 9th-11th)

The Program in Bulgarian Language
  The Program in English Language


— Opus Magnum: The Great Work of Liberation —

(August 29th-September 3rd)


The Program in Bulgarian Language / The Program in English Language


Again, I’d like to emphasize that this program acts just like a lighthouse – it is a general frame for the course, not an instruction manual. The map is not the territory, and the topics are not the seminar itself… The experience that will result from the discussions and the possibility of unlearning contaminated beliefs, is what it’s all about. Everything pointed out in the presentation above will be covered as topics, but the sequence and the Flow of each course will vary. Do not expect German punctuality broken down into hours, panels, etc. Eventually, the experience will surpass the program itself if you allow it to. Andro never talks in script, he develops the conversation on the spot, perfectly in tune with the moment.

Apropos, this reminds me (no pun intended…), he forgets the same way I do, because he does not accumulate memory – I am not alone! Which means I do not lie to you and you will witness a live extraction of ideas out of the internal depths!


What will you certainly NOT find in the Seminars?


This is probably more important than what will be there… It is the first filter of whether these events are for you or not:


• There will be no illusions that you will become a shaman in 3 days;


• There will be no speculations with words like “god”, “love”, “enlightenment”, “meditation”, and many others, mainly, because they have been contaminated and watered down to the point that they hardly mean anything at all;


• You will not become happier… Sorry… Both Andro and I don’t believe in ‘happiness’ as a major goal on this plane, but we perceive it as part of the dualistic code, which has to be transcended;


• You’ll not get free Ayahuasca, nor will you be able to buy any. This is not a “shamanic tourism” event. Since here in Bulgaria the word “shaman” is highly associated with psychoactive substances, I’d like to be abundantly clear that this is NOT this kind of event. You’ll engage only in tasks concerning your consciousness without any help of psychedelic or other substances.


• You will not learn new NLP or EFT techniques;


• You will not be showered with empty declarations of love and light;


• You will not meditate for a better and more peaceful world - this is a dualistic concept;


• You will not receive a silly diploma that was printer-copied, nor any other certificate;


• You will not feel bored – but that is already obvious ;)




The next paragraph is vital for comprehending the experience you are about to embark on. Upon applying for participation in any of the seminars, you’ll be asked specifically whether you have read, understood and agree with everything listed in this “Filters” chapter. Please, pay close attention to the details as they will be the ultimate filter. If none of the following puts you off, you are the kind of person we’d like to work with, and I believe the participants of the seminars will be the quintessence of Parallel Reality’s audience. Usually, those are people who know exactly what they want and their curiosity is not a factor.

Both Andro and I want to have an adventure together with you. We have the capabilities to create a wonderful experience for you and for ourselves. However, to make the most out of this event, it will be essential to really relax and put aside our daily, repetitive cycles. Authentic communication lies at the heart of the seminars and in order to achieve it, we are setting these guidelines:


• Language

Courses will be conducted in English without any translation. This is a decision I took with the clear understanding that it will immediately generate much murmuring like “This is Bulgaria, that’s why the Bulgarian language should be used”, etc. Just accept it right now – there will be no Bulgarian spoken. Translating an experience of that scale would hinder the Flow of the seminar and make it clumsy. Having the freedom to speak uninterruptedly helps the Flow immensely, and the August forecast says this seminar will be marked by dense Loosh showers :)



This one would probably be the cruelest for most people… :) In the same spirit and tradition of the Monroe Institute, we’d like you to lose track of linear time and fake data input from the external world. So – at least for a few days – we invite you to live the old fashioned way. No Internet, no telephones, no watches, no TV and, preferably, no monetary exchange. These elements put our brains into the survival mode which we have become so accustomed to, that we have forgotten what life without them can be.

This means that upon entry, just like at the Monroe Institute, all watches and telephones will be collected voluntarily at the entrance. Most likely they will be locked into a waterproof box and hung on the highest tree in front of the house J. For cases of emergency or great importance, you’ll have access to your telephone in the evenings, after class is dismissed. A person who thinks they can check their Facebook, or chat on Viber during the course will be directly asked to leave the event, without refund or explanations. This is neither a joke nor a threat; it simply is the format in which the seminars will be conducted, and we kindly ask you to consider our terms before enlisting to any of the courses.

Apart from that, all TV sets will be dismounted particularly for the seminars. All portable electronics will be minimized to sound amplification for the lecturer and the camera which is going to record Andro as he speaks. (Note: Nobody from the audience is going to be recorded without explicit permission and the space sanctity of each participant will be respected.) Everybody in the audience will be allowed to take notes, but no audio or video recording of the event is permitted.

Access to money will also be minimized in order to eliminate friction with the environment as much as possible, and, in any case, there will be nothing to spend it on. We’d like to pamper you a bit and give you a taste of how life can be when deprived of the usual hysteria, at least for a couple of days. This will also help you remember what it is like to be your own inner compass and stop relying on external GPStress systems.



We kindly ask you to refer from excessive consumption of alcohol during the course of the seminar, especially at the evenings. A glass of wine or beer are fine, but more than that will spoil your experience of the seminar, keeping in mind the exercises that we are going to practice. Same goes for weed or other mind-altering substances of any kind. Cannabis loosens our mind’s focus, but impairs dreaming and will be a disturbing factor for your process of night-time exercises in OBE and Lucid Dreaming.


• Time

The seminars take place during a time when most people have their summer vacation, so your annual visit to the seaside might have to be cut short J... The three days’ course will require 5 days from you (1 day to get to the place of the event and one more to safely return home). Same applies for the longer course, where you will need 8 days for the same reasons. Please note that you will have to arrive to the location the day before the seminar begins. We would like you to wake up IN the seminar, so you can enjoy a fresh and focused start and not rush into it after a long drive.


• Prices

Organizing an event of this magnitude naturally comes at a price in time, energy and facilities. We have made every effort to keep the costs as reasonable as possible and they are as following:

For the 3 days Shamanic Courses, we are asking the price of 250 Euros.

The cost of the longer, 6 days Alchemy Seminar is set to 500 Euros.


Prices include admission to the seminar and accommodation in the Magic House where we are going to spend our time together. The 3 days’ fee includes 4 nights’ stay and the 6 days’ fee – 7 night’s stay. Do not forget we need you to be there one day earlier.


Now, let me tell you where this place is exactly, as it is our last filter. And, meanwhile, if you already burn with the desire to sign up for the seminars, the email you can use for that purpose is: trust.no1(at) ;)





Craftsmanship is measured by its fine nuances which give it its magical qualities. The more details, the more purposeful attention the object condenses and the greater the refinement it contains. Thus, it becomes a conductor of archetypes, an extension of its creator. The paradox is that although every object starts with a similar amount of rough processing, it is the fine details that transform it into a masterpiece and turn it into something that is greater than its comprising components.

That is why I have carefully refined the right place for our magical encounter. I’ve always liked refining things and over a month or so, I circled around to check many places only to turn down many of them. In other words, they were hard to pick because there was always something missing… Until finally, the Kovachevitsa village bumped into me on its own. Kovachevitsa is situated close to the Greek and Macedonian borders, and it immediately impressed me! The nature around the village is mostly untouched and its energy is quite peculiar. Something I cannot state for most parts of our country…




Kovachevitsa is not that easy to reach – it’s a 3 and a half hours drive from Plovdiv and more than 3 hours from Sofia too. If you come from the seaside, I cannot even imagine how much longer it takes… Kovachevitsa’s location is a whimsical filter to determine who is really ready to make the effort of getting there and to participate.

Why did I choose that place?

The short Haiku version is that one of the evenings I spent there, I drank muddy water directly from a stone fountain at the edge of the forest. I poured it in a wine glass under the moonlight and in that moment I just knew I had the right vibration :)

You, however, deserve the detailed version of the story, so here it is…


Kovachevitsa has retained its magic in contrast to Koprivshtitsa, for example, which cannot offer it anymore. The place is a historical and architectural sanctuary and more than 30 movies have been filmed here (that’s why the village is often called The Bulgarian Hollywood). It also appears that the more distant and preserved a place is – it molds more peculiar human breed. Creative drive born in isolation and direct contact with nature has a certain charm, because it is not contaminated with the repetitive cycles of the city. Kovachevitsa has given birth to academics, writers and painters – all representative of Old Bulgarian intelligence, which is so scarce and hardly present nowadays. Despite that, a Bulgarian who recently worked for NASA was born there and is living there now, so this place’s fruition can be tasted at the present tense…

The thing that grabbed me immediately though, is the specific sensation you get upon entering the village. First, everything here is made of wood and stone – two very dense and thick materials. Rocks and trees experience time in a very different way compared to the way we do. It is extremely stretched and thickened in a way we cannot experience directly. Having in mind that all the texture of Kovachevitsa is comprised of wood and stone, the experience of time is almost absent and its flow pours slowly like the mountain mist. This makes conditions for immersing oneself inwards just ideal, because the mind loses its reference point to the fast pace of modern existence. Joints loosen immediately and a load falls off your back…



Long ago there were more than 80 operational fountains in the village



Later on, the name of the village itself made an impression on me. “Kovachevitsa” is not just derived from “blacksmith”, but it directly relates to Alchemy, because it refers to the melting and condensing of various materials. Blacksmith craftsmanship unto its own contains many alchemical connotations, which can be easily verified in the available literature on the subject. The forge itself relates to creation and destruction, it was a space for awe-inspiring transmutations in the past. It possesses aspects that are both cosmogonist and creational, infernal and initializing; its fire is both heavenly and subterranean. Even in Daoist cosmogony, Heaven and Earth have been considered to be a big furnace, and transmutation is the great molder.

In Chinese mythology, the forge indulges into communication with Heaven, and fire mastery summons the rain, a direct link to the alchemical bond between water and fire. The Daoist poet Rhi-Quan, indulges in his blacksmith work under a willow in the center of his yard, in order to reach celestial communion with The World Axis… “Coincidently”, right in the center of Kovachevitsa there is a big willow, and Andro will be talking about the Axis Mundi (World Axis…) :)




This place will be your Solve et Coagula! :) The illusory form of things will be broken down to its individual ingredients, useless matter will be discarded and only the purest essence will remain. That is, in a nutshell, the alchemical process of development, and in the case of Kovachevitsa, I can see how reality works in one’s best interest on its own, when they let it do its job. If I had deliberately tried to set such symbolism on the fly, I would have probably failed miserably... What Kovachevitsa has to offer fits perfectly to what we have conceived as a holistic concept.

There are many more interesting aspects to Kovachevitsa…


In a distant past, Kovachevitsa’s population was 3,150 people. Today there are roughly 30 people living here.... This is an incredible 99.05% demographical decrease! Only 100 years ago, American journalist Anthony Smith (who resided then in Kovachevitsa) described that in order to get from the upper part to the lower part of the village, one would have to walk on the roofs. The village was so densely populated, that people had to use the air space! All houses’ verandas touched each other and it practically turned the streets into a complex tunnel system. However romantic it may sound, this made old houses very fire-prone. Because of the close proximity, if one house caught fire, all surrounding houses would burn as well, since wood was the main building material. Such a fire took place in the 1920s and since then, the village gradually became desolate. This is the reason why more than half of the houses in Kovachevitsa are crumbling.


It is exceptionally interesting to watch and for some reason it is not ugly at all. On the contrary – it adds to Kovachevitsa’s charm and its lack of temporality. At some point I realized that, metaphorically, the surroundings feel so alchemical because it’s between life and death. In alchemy we have putrefaction and the transformation of elements, which can be more or less seen in the dynamics of dilapidation and restoration of the village. Everything there is strange. It is a place in which you can find a disintegrating giant house which is 500 years old and right next to it – a wooden plate with an “Alice in Wonderland” quote, holding a rope with a cup for coins…




It has a metaphysical flare to it, that will undoubtedly support the experience you are about to have here. In Kovachevitsa there are buildings taller than the Parliament which are several hundred years old. Realizing the fact that these were built so long ago with no contemporary technology and are still standing, inspires deep respect.


7 8


It is no accident that this village gave birth to some of the best construction builders that are famous all over the country. There were so many masons, that they had their own secret language with no writing and a vocabulary of about 1300 words. They understood each other, but nobody else understood them. Today there are only several people who know how to build houses using the old techniques. The knowledge is almost extinct. Wooden beams are still shaped using an axe instead of using modern power tools, nails are made the old ways and are molded, not bought in a store.

The person whose house you will stay in, is one of the people who has been doing that all his life and is still keeping the craftsmanship alive. As you know, I am an existential journalist and I record people’s stories. So let me introduce our host to you – Vladimir Juglev.


Uncle Vlado (short for Vladimir) is a living part of the Bulgarian National Treasure. He features one of these intelligent mountaineer reddish faces, in which you can see the firmness, as well as the nobility of the Balkan. Hearing him speak reveals a high level of intellect, garnished with human touch, without being too computing and sterile. There are things that are forged at altitudes above 1000 meters that you cannot find in the big cities. As the saying goes, the mountains gives birth to humans and the fields gives birth to pumpkins J.

Uncle Vlado stands naturally straightened, weighing right in his place. His family has been living in Kovachevitsa for 500 years. His grandfather’s rifle hangs on the wall above the bar in his Inn. It is 300 years old. Old things stay. New things fall apart.



“The Brothers” Inn, where food is going to be cooked especially for you



He thinks that our great civilization is headed towards its self-destruction and understands the growing need of people to touch the Primary. The educational system itself, he says, teaches you that you need to make money before it teaches you anything else. This turns into an uber-task of human existence. He himself finds everything in big cities artificial, a virtual fiction, in which individuals are nobody. In Kovachevitsa, he adds, you can feel alive and rethink your way of life. He decided to keep the authenticity alive and does not regret anything.

Vlado knows that what he does is of good quality and would not trade it for all the money in the world. That’s why he still builds houses the old way – using wooden beams, stone and adobe. No cement, no plastic, no tiles. Contemporary construction, to him, is like civilization itself – rotten and of low quality. He gives an example:


A man comes over and says: “This plasterboard will last 100 years.” But this plasterboard was produced just 10 years ago… How was he able to test it and determine that it can last for 100 years? While I can say, I give a 500 years warranty on this wall, because this type of walls have been here in Kovachevitsa for 500 years.


He is a person who remembers and wants to preserve the old methods. For an instance, in Kovachevitsa the sewage is of dry Roman type and has been functioning for 500 years without a single failure. In cities sewage is excavated and fixed every now and then. On top of everything the sewage itself is not done following a plan, which needs to be archived, it has been preserved in time by other means… in the middle of the streets there is a spout of stone plates which acts as a map and projection of the sewage itself. As above, so below, I guess… :)

Uncle Vlado constantly spends money from his own pocket and invests it in various improvements in the village to keep it alive. For example, at the moment, he is restoring an ancient Roman bridge in the area, using technologies that are 3000 years old. While I was at his Inn (where you are going to feed), much like an alternative René Artois, he pulled out from beneath the bar a plan for building a water mill! It turned out the scroll is more than a hundred years old. It was the first time I touched such a thing. He wants to restore the water mill and make it the old way. He said that when he showed the scroll to contemporary architects, they were not able to confirm whether they understand the design diagrams.

The scroll itself has as happy as sad story. Years ago, when libraries in the village were decommissioned, those papers as well as hundreds of other were intended to be thrown away, and it was him who saved them. Now he wants to build the water mill as it was done in old times. You already know that the water mill has a special place in my life, so after that part I went out and I drank muddy spring water in a wine glass, under the moonlit skies. I already knew I found the right place. So this is the long story behind the choice of Kovachevitsa :P

Uncle Vlado and his family produce more than 82 products each year, including various types of fruit wines, which you should try (as a true fan of blueberry it is hard for me to admit that the raspberry one is the best – I recommend it). When I commented that probably he is one of the very few in Bulgaria who still do that, he corrected me and said he was the only one in Bulgaria and maybe on the entire Balkan Peninsula.




I don’t know if that’s a fact, but I cannot help but notice the symbology here. A seminar circulating around the ideas of Liberation will happen on the territory of a man, who produces his own food alone, fixes his roof using his own bare hands and does not need the System at all. In practice, our event will take place on free and independent ground. The alchemical atmosphere is in tune with the experience itself and to me this already has an immense value.

The food we’ll be enjoying in Kovachevitsa is free of Kaufland’s plastic vibration, because it’s homemade. Actually, Uncle Vlado’s Inn, is the only place in the village where you can eat. This food is a bit more expensive, because of its qualities. However, there are preferential menus prepared for you – breakfast, lunch and supper that taste like our childhood (and the breakfast is going to be served on the veranda of the house where you will be sleeping). We prefer to eat together while the seminar takes place – this process adds something like additional magic and bonding to the shared experience. If you see it the same way too and want to immerse yourself entirely into the idea – please state your food requirements additionally when you sign up for the seminars (trust.no1(at) This will save you the effort of dealing with money and waiters 3 times per day… :)


The house where you’ll be staying brings me back to the idea of the blacksmith and alchemy. It is called “The Coal House”, because it’s where all the flame will be in the period August/September :) It soars above everything in the village and there is no way you can miss it. There is a big stepped yard in the front, nested in the mountains.




This will be your home during the timeframe of the Seminars. The place is absolutely beautiful and offers plenty of potential for outdoor and indoor activities.


12 13


Loads of space will be at your disposal should you need to relax and retreat, and the view of the terrace will stay with you for a long time afterwards, that I can guarantee… :)


14 15



Few minutes away from the house, there is a bonfire place which you’ll immediately recognize as the storyteller’s spot ;)



“The Coal House” is seen just below the fireplace on the right



Around Kovachevitsa there is an ancient Thracian sanctuary called “Goat Stone”, and I know that on its rock surface there are many groups of circular cavities, which, according to some astronomers are whimsical star maps of the Cepheus and Cassiopeia constellations. I’ve never been there, but I am sure it will be an interesting sightseeing together with the “Blue Pool” site, which also boasts with its beauty.

As said, the place is incredible, the timing is right and there are no reasons for this event not to be magical. I know that there are many obstacles, but as Kovachevitsa itself is going to tell you:



Man does not live on bread alone



Shamanic Journeys


Besides the seminars that we talked about up till now, Andro is going to perform personal Shamanic Journeys for anyone who wishes to go through such an event. Actually, as I said in the beginning, this is the way I came across him – I had a Shamanic Journey. Since I suspect your interest in such type of experiences is not lesser than the seminars themselves, let me say a few words about it:

A Shamanic Journey can be performed for anyone who signs up for them in advance - trust.no1(at) :D You dont have to participate in the seminars in order to undergo a shamanic journey. You just need to come to Kovachevitsa, so that it can happen to you.

A Shamanic Journey returns lost soul pieces that were ripped out of your energy matrix, usually upon a great drama or trauma in your life. Such events can be physical, mental or spiritual. Possible ways for soul piece loss are: An accident, a broken heart, death of a close relative, divorce, assault, illness, violence of any kind, stress at work, living with a detached family, etc. Also, one can unconsciously take a piece of you, or you can give (or lose) such a piece to somebody.

Usually, these events are not even present in the conscious memories of the individual and people often do not understand why they have no energy, why there are aspects in their life that just don’t seem to work out, why they have no “luck”, etc. Losing a soul piece is like losing a part of a jigsaw puzzle of 10 000 parts – if you lack a few parts, the whole picture cannot be seen.

A shaman sees these events in many shapes – from symbolic scenarios, to the actual scenes when the detachment of the piece happened. For example, during my journey a trauma emerged, which happened when I was in my mother’s womb, but it still marked me. It’s like a fault before you have even started. These are things that one cannot find on their own, for the same reason you go to a masseur when you need a massage – you just cannot reach certain parts of yourself, by your own means. Psychologically, when somebody else is working for you it is much easier, because, if they are good, they can remove all the projections from your story and see the real fibers that weave your focus. When you work alone on yourself it is much easier to project your own fantasies and doubts about what is wrong with you, and usually they have no relation whatsoever to the root cause of the problems. The truth is that most of us cannot be detached enough when we do something like that on our own. That is why people like Andro are so valuable.

When a Shamanic Journey is complete and soul pieces are brought back, the shaman presents to you a detailed report of what he did. Sometimes, symbols are the carriers of intimate and deeply buried issues and can activate the healing process, solving pathologies that have existed for years. Sometimes soul pieces are not immediately recognized, but information comes several weeks or months after the Journey. Since the Journey itself takes place outside of the linear frame, at times these things do not need any chronological order to get translated into the physical.

Usually every person has at least 2 or 3 such lost pieces of life force. Here I am giving you some of the symptoms that are typical for people with lost soul pieces:


• Feeling of incompleteness – characterized by thoughts as “I feel something is missing”;

• One is stuck in their past after a death of a relative, child or a loved one – they cannot move on to live in their present;

• Total lack of grounding – the so called “space cadets” J A dreamy look, unwillingness to come to reality, unwillingness to be on the earth – usually these people constantly float 30-40 centimeters out of their bodies and they lack belonging;

• Blocked memories and memory loss – during all life chapters, especially in childhood;

• Constant questioning “Why am I here?” – a sense of loss of your path, absence of focus, no feeling of purpose;

• Addictions of all kinds: food, drugs, sex, gambling, emotional, and so forth;

• Emotions loss – incapability of crying, feeling – general emotional apathy;

• Hypochondria and constant illnesses, especially in the first 12 years of life;

• Depression of any kind;

• Shame and lack of self-confidence and self-esteem (usually the cause is buried in childhood).


How is a Shamanic Journey conducted?


The shaman lies next to his client, touching their arm to establish a physical reference point. Later he’s letting the client’s hand loose and drifts to an altered state of consciousness – you can even hear Andro lightly snoring J. All the client has to do, is stay calm and remain receptive. Meanwhile, the shaman performs his work under the guidance of the clients subconscious (to which the client usually has no access in everyday mode). The shaman does not take any personal initiatives to make amendments that his client does not wish for, and he’s not giving away his own energy. The shaman is there solely as a mediator. He can rewire some cables, unclog some pipes, but this happens under the guidance of the client. After all soul pieces have been put back together, the shaman comes back to a waking state, and gives the client a full report of what has happened, which is the first step to integrate the pieces back into the client’s system.

The whole journey can take up to 1 or 2 hours and every journey is unique, sometimes there can be 10 separate issues detected, and sometimes it is just one major conflict. Everyone has his own individual needs and the shaman focuses on what needs to be done. There are no repairs conditioned by the conscious mind of the client/shaman. This is exactly why the shaman works with the subconscious, since it is the part of us that knows better. Every Shamanic Journey session includes a detailed preliminary conversation and personal post-Journey report.

The services that Andro offers to people who wish to work with him are:


• Shamanic Journeys and retrieval of lost soul pieces;

• Removal of astral and other parasites out of one’s system (we all have such);

• Suppressed trauma detection, imperceptibly affecting one’s life;

• Harmful mind-patterns detection;

• Every-day practical application of Hermetic Outlook Counseling;

• Astrological readings;

• Remote healing of children (upon parents’ permission) and pets;

• Shamanic Journeys for deceased individuals;

• Remote energetic cleansing of buildings and properties (pictures of the place are required);

• Assisting and coordinating the energies for property sales.


Andro has a significant success resume, navigating through complex situations related to health and mental problems of individuals, families and organizations. I’ve personally seen him work multiple times and fully trust him. Not to place any judgment, but this is not a Christian revival or mass healing of the crippled, but rather a surgical triggering of one’s own self-healing process. I’ve found that in Shamanic Journeys the most important thing is the conscious decision for letting go and transformation – that’s how direct connection is made between the every-day focus and our deeper, subconscious levels.


All listed services will be available, and if you are interested in something which is not on the list, you can write with additional inquiries to trust.no1(at) ;)

A Shamanic Journey costs 150 Euros if you are an English speaker and don’t need an interpreter. If you do need Bulgarian translation, however, this will add 50 Euro to the price. Seminar participants will be processed with priority.


(Hint: It is a good idea to record the conversation after your Shamanic Journey, because things are easily forgotten. When you listen to the conversation at a later stage, there are further pieces of information that pop up, which you can work with. If you do not have a recording device, you can use one free of charge, and later the recording will be sent to you in mp3 format in a convenient way. Please, do not upload it anywhere on the internet afterwards.)



Closing Words


These Seminars are not meant to change your life overnight. This isn’t some Disney cartoon. What they can do is assist you in your self-transformation process. These courses will give you a much broader reference frame for the world you think you live in, and about what you really are. You aren’t likely to find such things on the Internet. The idea of attending a course which is going to be based thematically on “going beyond cycles and repetition” is already a sign that you are starting a process of immunization against these cycles themselves. Something inside you apparently understands that it does not want its reality to flow in this way.


The rule is as old as the world – if you don’t know reality’s mechanisms you will never know how these mechanics screw you. We are born in a system and our consciousness structure is marked by its horns. If these seminars help you remember something, then it would be to not create the next system along the road to your Liberation. Not just an occult system, but any type of thought system based on rituals and recipes. People are not good at this game because they don’t know its structure, and thus are pushed around from side to side by the forces exercised by their unaware mind. We’d like to acquaint you with the structure.


Many alchemists make the initial mistake to work with actual metals instead of their alchemical analogs. In the same way, we have false definitions which are getting in our way of seeing the true reality. And we think that we need more systems to be able to reach the truth. That is why people are really drawn to psychic abilities, OBE, etc. But, believe it or not, you don’t need any special powers to walk the path of Liberation. We’re talking about removing layers here, not adding more. Man can build many different channels to access themselves. You just need to have this Inner Knowingness, which does not come from the ability to go out of your body. The Essence is everywhere and nobody is ‘special’. Things boil down to how open you are to receive. It’s about openness and synthesis. Using your logic, without getting lost by worshipping it; using emotions without letting them define the will of your essence. It’s about taking advantage of your consciousness’ capacity with no dogma and using your emotions with no drama.


Whether what we say is true or not – no one can tell. Will it work for you – no one can foresee. In addition to all that has been said, this is a chance to meet others like you, drawn by a very special vibration. It is normal that you may feel alone because of all your peculiarities, and that can be burden. Along the years, many people have asked me about meetings with similar people, or if there are any forums in which they can contact someone like them. This is such an opportunity – for you, for me and for Andro.


Meetings of that scale are a good beginning because at some point it turns out that there are much more forbidden things in this world than things that are allowed. And they claim you’re a free man… Which puts you in a very narrow spectrum of reality, forgetting what authentic communication is. You literally forgot that there are other sections of it. This is the ‘normal’ rhythm of circulation in society. Stepping outside of this rhythm already makes you richer in a sense. Seeing multiple sections of reality, not just one – is a required precursor to abundance.


I’ve always gathered different people around me, so I organize this event as a part of my own passion. That is why I have no doubts you’ll have a magical experience with us J


As you know my friends, I’ve been telling stories for many years. People tell themselves stories of their own. That is happening since the dawn of time. Everybody tells stories… The only way I can go through that experience I have found for myself is by finding the most effective story, the right mythology among all the transmissions and propaganda. Because when one finds the right story for themselves, they get to know the nature of the structure. The platform’s structure and storytelling are inevitably connected – they cannot be separated.


To me all that started with writing. This course is the columniation of my trilogy. I started writing about the alchemy of the writing itself, then I started writing about storytelling and mythology (my book on cinema), after which I touched the nature of the structure or “the nature of the code”, as Andro would call it. Writing the book about the reality platform was a hack of writing itself, because I managed to boil down to words certain concepts that do not belong to the dualistic perception. I achieved it for myself in a way that also remained open to the corresponding audience. “Into the platform” was well received. I feel that at this point writing cannot give me the same joy as it has done up to now, because I reached my own peak.


Generally, a writer’s damnation is that they usually never like what they wrote, despite all external recognition. I cannot say I have immersed myself deeply into that complex’s shadow, but sometimes such a feeling has probably emerged. With that trilogy (and especially with “Into the platform”), however, I just nailed it for myself. I adore the way I plunged into that trilogy and into the deeply buried things I had to poke out of myself while making it. I just worship the way I wrote these books. After that, writing has been integrated in me once and for all. The funny part is that I started the trilogy with “Writing and alchemy” but it was “Into the platform” that was the apex of alchemy in my writing. Actually, I just realized that now, while writing about it… (Damn it, these seminars are already helping, ha-ha!).


I support the idea that the good story does not depend strongly on its content. If I have to take cinema to give you an example, a good story needs to have a very well laid mythological foundation, which can build the right cinematographic architectonics. Whether the content is dramatic or comic, whether it brings lightness or sadness – this does not matter to the storyteller. He just leaves a footprint with his stories, because he resonates with the foundation of the structure and thus he always opens (at least) some doors. How they are going to be put to use is a question of will and personal capacity.


I am that storyteller for you. You’ve understood this throughout the years and have told me multiple times about it, so recognizing myself is not an act of vanity, but a greater self-understanding. This time it was Andro who went through my door. I had no choice but to present him to you, because that is my archetype – I connect ideas and people in a way that works for everybody. I see the dynamics; I recognize the subtle and the more invisible interconnections. I guess I have the capacity to grasp them, and putting effort into that direction is an act of trust in myself. This is what I do.


So if you want to see how my own trilogy blends with your personal story, we can meet at the seminar. I myself don’t know how the Flow will continue for me; this is not something I can foresee. But a quiet voice tells me it is going to be unbelievably magical :)


I say “quiet” because what I realized is that usually one’s personal Flow is that quiet voice that comes from their spark. That is exactly why you never know how it will develop itself, because it never gets fixated, it comes directly from the Source. This is the only factor I have found so far which can act as a differentiator for telling artificial transmissions apart from one’s authentic spark – they will never know where their personal Real Flow will take them. Every next step feels like a step into an abyss, because Source’s energy is much alike. It is undefined, unsettled, it’s not yet created, that’s why one can never know its nature, because it does not exist in the reference frame of the platform. That is why it cannot be predicted, because it does not exist as a concrete fact, but it possesses the full potential of existence. Navigating of this potential depends on you.


That is the dot behind the “H” and the beginning of a new stage, which starts with these seminars. It is no coincidence that Andro’s logo is archetypally the same. Taking a look in the mirror always leads to realization.


Writing this text was a real pleasure for me. I made a pact for magic with myself through it. You can join or just view our magical forge in Kovachevitsa. As always – real advertising is advertising from ear to ear, because it is based on trusting a person whose judgment you know and trust.


And after all that has been said, a single question comes to mind: How is it possible that there are still people wondering if they should take part in this event?


Sign up now, sign up now – for the cosmic j0ke! :D







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